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Genius Entrepreneur Network is a vibrant community where entrepreneurs support each other to learn, connect and grow.

We help Entrepreneurs to


Participate in multiple high-value events and a well facilitated 'Members only' forum and gain Business-specific insights from mentors and peers.


Connect and collaborate with a cross-section of highly placed Entrepreneurs


Learn from expert mentors and top coaches through curated workshops and mentoring programs and gain the much-needed momentum in your Business

My Genius Assessment
Are you aware of your talents or non-talents?

Do you know: When you focus your energy on your talent, you develop your strengths, and when you focus your energy on your non-talents, you manufacture your weaknesses!.

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Learn valuable lessons from expert mentors and top coaches in Product Pathways, Growth Strategies, Building winning Teams, Sales and Marketing frameworks, Boosting Productivity and anything that may come up in your Entrepreneurial foray.

Join our community of successful Entrepreneurs. 

Members-only content and courses

Our members-only chat forum is the right place for Entrepreneurs to ask for advice, share experiences, seek support and engage in insightful conversations facilitated by experts.

Members also get access to our digital archives with more than 100 hours of Entrepreneur relevant content.

Membership Plans

As your Business grows, challenges do not go away, they just change. We have structured our membership to help you solve problems you are facing based on the stage your business is in.